Covid-19 Impact on our clients

We will continue to supply our clients with solutions and consumables
to help them keep their businesses running and where possible
support the new challenges that face us all. 
If you need to contact us out of normal trading hours please
do. All our contact information can be found by clicking below.
We hope you and your families will all stay safe.
Regards Craig Hutchins 
as at 26 Mar 2020

An Australian Solutions Provider


Barcode Queensland provides hardware and software solutions for organisations who require data collections systems to improve on manual recording processes. (Humans and clip boards).


We couple barcode ID labels or tags with user friendly scanning devices to collect data quickly and efficiently. Throughout the years we have provided simple systems such as scanning to excel or highly complex collection and reporting systems delivering to multilevel partners connected over Wide Area Networks.

Our team of in house software developers based in Brisbane is a great asset for any organisation wanting a solution specifically designed to assist in their business improvements plans.

Please call me at any stage to discuss your requirements however large or small.

Craig Hutchins


Mobile 0458 438 799