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More than Blank labels

We supply blank labels for all models of label printers. The range of labels we can produce has no real limit. We have available over 2000 cutting blades of varying sizes to meet almost all requests.

The material these blank labels are produced in comes in three main styles.

Direct thermal paper labels (used for short term prints such as transport labels or fast moving food items)

Thermal transfer paper labels (used with a ribbon for an ink transfer, product labels - long term - non fading)

Thermal transfer synthetic labels (used with a special ribbon for asset labels - rugged material and rub resistant)


Many variation of material substrate  are available for different conditions. Contact us with any questions.

Asset labels

Supply us with the following information so we can provide a quotation for the right blank labels for your application.

1.   What application are you using for the blank labels.

2.   What environment is the blank label going to be in. (Inside / Outside / On what surface / Cleaning applications)

3.   What quantity do you require. Some label types have minimum quantities.

4.   What model of printer are you using.

5.   What size label are you seeking.

Please email your requirements to or give us a call.

tel: (07) 3343 8788

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