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More than Mobile Computer Scanners

Barcodeqld test and guarantee that all the hardware we provide is of the highest quality and leaves our premises set up and ready for your specific requirement. The PDT or mobile computer devices we sell are used in our solutions so they are tried and tested. We limit the number of devices so we can specialize in them.

A note for all Symbol and Motorola hardware users. As of 2014 Zebra purchased Motorola Solutions and all products are now branded Zebra.

Mobile Computers (PDT)
Mobile PDT devices from CipherLab, Datalogic & Zebra

CipherLab RS30 series
The RS30 is a smart phone styled PDT using an Android operating system. It is ideal for use in asset management, inventory control, field service work and retail management. We provide a development service to harness the power of the device as a scanner whilst also having phone capabilities.

CipherLab RS50 series


The RS50 is the next stage in the development of the RS range of scanners. Using the Android OS and giving it a faster processor  this extra rugged device will be the bench mark for field and warehouse devices.

 We provide a development service to harness the power of the device as a scanner and much more.

Please note: The unit shown below has the added feature of the pistol grip. The RS50 is normally provided as a standard hand held device.

Zebra MC90XX Series

A rugged PDT device with a pistol form factor. A windows based operation system with options for WAN or LAN connections. Several configuration options available. Please send an email with your requirements.

Zebra MC67NA series 

This PDT has a long history with field service work, retail stock management and asset management. Its' semi rugged design and features makes it ideal for harsh working environments. Multiple configurations allows it to be used in any situation.

Datalogic Skorpio Series PDT

A great mid range PDT which comes in pistol or brick forms. A light weight device allowing easy use in a long shift. Configurable for LAN or WAN connections in laser or 2D imagining.

Zebra MC45 series light weight PDT

​The MC45 is a pocket sized device that is ideal for field service employees that have periodic scanning requirements. The device can connect to a phone network and communicate its data captures by WiFi or WAN networks.

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