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More than Library Labels

Library Labels

We have been keeping label records for over 20 years. Any of our past clients can ask us what the last order was and what the next sequence or numbers should be printed. For you to reorder you can send a request for a quote and we will provide the next number sequence and label layout plus the cost to produce.


If you are new to Barcode QLD, we have a number of PDF order forms for various label formats used by school libraries. We can produce labels for any barcode library system used in Australia.

Library Labels
General information

E-Labels - Standard Electrophotographic Polyethelene Based Label. Hard wearing and resilient to bleeding. Used by all major libraries, public and private.


Delivery Times

The normal delivery time is 10 working days from order receipt, this is based on a minimum order of 5000 labels.

Forms download (each form is for a different label format)


If you would prefer to order your labels by fax, please download  and complete one of these forms and we will make contact with you.


Fax number: (07) 3848 1861 

Afw, Oasis or Oliver Large format.     Label pricing $0.115 per label Min 5000 ($575.00 + gst)              





Afw, Oasis or Oliver Small format.      Label pricing $0.115 per label Min 5000 ($575.00 + gst)              





Bookmark format.                                  Label pricing $0.115 per label Min 5000 ($575.00 + gst)               





Libcode format.                                      Label pricing $0.115 per label Min 5000 ($575.00 + gst)   

Delivery charges Australia Wide  $30.00 + gst per order

Existing clients


If you have purchased labels from us in the past, we will have a record of your order history. We can supply you with a quote outlining the next sequence of labels in our system and the confirmation of the cost to produce the next run.

PLEASE NOTE: We do request that you check the new number sequence to confirm there is no duplication. We cannot know if someone else has supplied you with labels outside our records.

Phone details:     (07) 3343 8788


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