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Enterprise Software Development

Brisbane development team

Barcode QLD has a history of major development applications for corporate enterprise ventures in Queensland. These include;

TRANSCITY JV working Brisbane's Legacy Way tunnel operation.

Our brief for the billion dollar tunnel project was for Barcode QLD to tag and audit the 44,000 pieces of concrete that made up the 4000 plus rings installed in both tunnels.

An extreme level of information needed to be collected starting from the Wagner production operation in Wacol to the holding yards in Archerfield and then finally the exact installation point within the tunnel. The project ended after 30 months when the final concrete segment was secured into place. 

CST Lady Annie Copper Mine

Barcode QLD was asked to build a tracking system to record the creation and transportation of copper anodes from a remote location just outside of Mt Isa to the shipping port of Townsville.  The system was built and commissioned in a very short 3 month time frame and has been the back bone of their tracking and delivery system for over five years. 

Mt Carlton Operation an Evolution Mining Resource

Mt Carlton approached us to provide a tracking system for their mined mineral ore being produced from the operation outside of Townsville in northern Queensland.  The solution had to in the initial stages the system had to manage the data on each of the bags of ore produced in site. Data collection details such as unique tracking number, weight of ore bag, manifesting onto outbound transport, checking into the Townsville receiving depot and final packing into 20' sea freight containers.

The system was built on a web based framework providing real time track and trace reporting.

As the system proved itself to be a valuable management tool, Mt Carlton added to the system. The additions included assay data inputs with complex reporting algorithms and planning tools and more recently we have built in a shipping logistics planner to improve the  export packing operation. 

Please send us an email if you are interested in any further information on developing a system for your organisation.

Thanks! Message sent.

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