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More than Printer Ribbons

If you have a Thermal Transfer printer you will need a transfer ribbon to print your labels. Below is a list of the most popular Thermal transfer printers in the market place and the ribbon code for the printers. We have also included a guide for which composition is best suited for your printing requirement.


Fast facts:

You can get a high capacity ribbon (300M+ long) for some desk top printers but most are made for mid & high level industrial printers. Standard desk printers have a 70m+ length ribbon.

Ribbons come in three main compositions; wax based, wax/resin based and resin only based. The later two are the most used. The wax/resin is great for product labeling and where low abrasion is a factor. The resin ribbon is a must for asset labels where rubbing can occur. 



Printer and ribbon info.




Manufacturer      Printer Model                                             Ribbon ID                        Function


Zebra                  TLP2844, GC420T, GX420T,                     R110x70 WR                    General Label printing


                                                                                                    R110X70 FR                     Asset Label Printing             



Zebra                  ZM400, ZT210, ZT420,                               R110x300 WR                  General Label printing


                                                                                                    R110X300 FR                   Asset Label Printing 


TSC                     TA210, TC200, TA300,                               R110x70 WR                    General Label printing


                                                                                                     R110X70 FR                     Asset Label Printing 


TSC                     ME240, ME300, TTP 246M,                       R110x300 WR                  General Label printing


                                                                                                     R110X300 FR                   Asset Label Printing 



Regardless the printer you have, we can supply the ribbon you need. Just give us a call.

tel: (07) 3343 8788

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