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Inventory Control

Inventory control from Wasp Barcode Technologies

To control your stock and inventory levels you need a software program that gives you all the tools you need to check in and out your stock. Take control of your store or warehouse today. Look at how this powerful system can help you and your organisation. The software application comes with a standard version (1 PC 1 User ), professional version (5 PC's 5 Users) and the enterprise version with no limits on Users or PC connections. 

The systems have a pricing point from $4900.00+ gst to $14,000 + gst.

Please see the video on the features of IV Control. VIDEO

Inventory by Excel Spread Sheets

The collection of inventory numbers by creating an excel spreadsheet on a PDT mobile scanning device is one of the fastest ways to implement a stock/inventory counting system. We can send a csv file to and email address with what has been counted.

Or we can provide an FTP system to upload look up data from your exist inventory list and compile a check list in the field using a mobile scanning device.

These systems are priced from $4500.00 + gst. (includes 1 scanner and the mobile application). A Windows PC and WiFi connection is required. 

We provide Barcoded Stock Labels, Scanning devices and software applications to cover your stock recording requirements. Email us for more information.

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